Edavaka mission

The 17th Metropolitan of the Marthoma church, Abraham Marthoma stated “every Marthomite is a voluntary evangelist” and established Marthoma Voluntary Evangelist Association in 1924. Parish Mission or Edavaka Mission is a unit of Marthoma Voluntary Evangelists Association based in every parish of the Church.

Parish Mission started functioning in the St.Peter’s Mar Thoma Church from the year of its inception. While every member of the church is its member, it has registered active members as well. The Parish Mission has the Vicar as the President and a Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer from the laity. The President acts as the chairman, Vice President as the substitute chairman, the Secretary acts as the chief executive, and the Treasurer as the accountant. Active members contribute a small amount each year to the Association. All lay leaders are elected annually by the active members of the Parish Mission.

The functions of the Parish Mission are based on the seven activities of the Marthoma Voluntary Evangelist’s Association such as, Intercessory Prayer, Bible Study, Witnessing and Sharing, House Visits, Charity Projects, Prayer meetings and Gospel work among non Christians.


There are 5 prayer groups. Prayer meeting is held at each prayer group once a month.

Special prayer meetings are held during lent and other church Calender days.

Edvaka Mission Secretary: Mr. Sam P George